Portfolio of Recent Work

Feel free to browse through these samples of websites and custom graphics I've designed recently, as I helped my clients turn their visions and ideas into reality.


Small businesses

These small-business websites designed on Squarespace and Weebly demonstrate that you can have a professional-looking, easy-to-update website for your new or growing business without being a developer or a designer. A custom website expresses the unique personality of your business and uses words, colors, typefaces, and images that express the message you want to convey. 

Small-business website samples


Your nonprofit organization doesn't need a big technology budget to show visitors who you are. You can have a modern, professional, easy-to-maintain website on Squarespace or Weebly that lets people know about your recent activities and upcoming events, while encouraging them to donate or volunteer to allow your organization to continue doing its great work.

Nonprofit website samples


A personal website on Squarespace or Weebly allows you to share the news of what you're doing with the world or with a more selective audience of friends and loved ones. A website that collects photos, words, and news about a hobby, project, or cause you're passionate about is a convenient way to keep everyone informed. It can also help you find others who share your passion or can be the first step to launching a new business. Personal websites are also perfect for gathering wedding planning and family celebration news in one place for a short time or for as long as you like.

Personal website samples

Custom Graphics

I enjoy creating custom graphics that combine stock images and text in ways that inspire and educate. I've included some examples of work I've done for clients or for myself that was used on websites and for social media posts.

Custom graphics samples