Your website will never be perfect, but that's perfectly okay Blog: Your website will never be perfect, but that's perfectly okay

What do a completed website, the desire to speak a foreign language flawlessly, and the quest for a perfect vacation have in common? They are all unattainable. There will always be more you can do, more you can learn, more you can experience to keep moving forward with those goals. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep trying!

If you're fortunate enough to have made your website public, you're already in great shape. Plenty of business owners find themselves stuck in the wishing or the planning stages, waiting to have enough time or money to create their perfect websites. That kind of goal can keep you paralyzed in the fear that you won't get it "just right," meanwhile leaving your business without a website and a way for customers to find you. So here's the bad news and the good news — and it's the same news. Your website will never be done and it will never be perfect. There. It's said. Now feel free to relax while I explain.

As long as you have a domain name (like and a web page with your business name on it and a way to get in touch with you, you've got a website that's doing your business some good. Every business needs a website of some kind these days, but it doesn't have to contain lots of pages and information before you publish it. You can keep adding pages as you learn more about what customers want to know or as your business changes.

And even if you think your published website is perfect, leave room for the inspirations, the experiments, the changes that all small businesses experience. I chose to help small businesses with their websites using two do-it-yourself website design builders: Squarespace and Weebly. When you want to launch a new promotion, add new products, start a blog, or replace images or designs, you'll be more inclined to make those changes if you don't have to hire a programmer to develop complicated code. These website design products are easy enough to learn yourself, if you want to, or make it easy enough for someone like me to help you in less time than it would take a programmer to create the effects you want.

So wherever you are in the evolution of your website, don't worry about getting it right the first time. Have fun and try new things and if they don't work out, try other things. It will be an ever-changing endeavor, but that's because your creativity as a small-business owner is also ever-changing.

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