Asking others to toot your horn

The importance of posting testimonials on your website has been on my mind lately. Reading authentic recommendations on a website really helps potential clients, customers, donors, volunteers, and participants understand what you can offer them. 


A woodworking craftsman client of mine has a page of testimonials on his website that speaks to both the breadth and quality of his work. A non-profit agency I'm working with holds seasonal events and asks participants to fill out a survey and write about their experiences. The positive comments are turned into website testimonials to encourage others to attend events and help support the organization.

If you have an account on LinkedIn, it's easy to ask for recommendations. When I completed some recent projects, I asked my clients (with whom I had already connected on LinkedIn) to write a recommendation based on their recent experiences. I was grateful that they were able to do so and I published them about a month ago to my LinkedIn profile. 

I've been meaning to add these positive comments to my website, knowing that I wanted potential clients to be able to read them. Clever ads and slick marketing just can't take the place of testimonials. Nice words from real people serve to reassure people to take the next step of contacting you for a consultation or attending your upcoming event. 

I did some research on what others had to say about adding testimonials to a website. This article, "5 Ways to Showcase Your Testimonials and Wow New Clients", gave me some new ideas. Going beyond the standard practice of asking for testimonials through LinkedIn and email requests, it also suggested asking for permission to record or write down spoken testimonials. The article also showcased some designs for adding testimonials to a website that were visually appealing and compelling.

My business is still young and growing and I don't have a huge number of testimonials from various sources, so making the most of the ones I have is important. With the ideas in the article providing inspiration, I ended up taking screen captures of the LinkedIn testimonials I have received so far. Each screen capture includes a LinkedIn profile picture and description of the client's business, as well as the testimonial they wrote, so that provides some visual interest to the testimonials. I grouped the images on my Welcome page in an automatically running slideshow. I'm hoping that adding these testimonials will help potential clients who visit my website find the reassurance they need to take the next step to contact me about how I can help them.