When two weeks isn't enough for your Squarespace trial site

KerryAThompson.com Blog: You can extend a Squarespace trial site beyond two weeks

One of the main differences between Squarespace and Weebly, the two website development platforms I recommend for small businesses, is the time you have to set up a site before shelling out some bucks and showing it to the world. I favor Squarespace for its beautiful designs and easy-to-use interface, but one of the drawbacks, or so I thought, was that you only have two weeks to create a site before you have to make a payment, even if you're not ready to publish your site.

About two months ago, I created a trial site to show some designs to a client. It turned out he wasn't ready to start working on the changes and after two weeks passed, I thought I'd have to say goodbye to those designs. I took screen captures of all the pages so I'd remember what I had done. Then, to my surprise, Squarespace sent me an email asking if I'd like to extend the trial for another two weeks. "Sure," I said, "That's better than starting from scratch."

Another two weeks passed and another and another and I was able to extend the trial several times. Now two months later, I was given the opportunity to extend it again. I thought I'd stumbled onto a secret gift provided just for me, but I've recently talked to someone else who had the same experience. 


So, unlike a two-week vacation that isn't enough, you can keep extending your Squarespace trial for a long time (I don't yet know if there is a limit). Wouldn't it be nice if vacations were that way too?