Take the time to add a note to your LinkedIn Connect invitation

Thanks to UMass Social Media Day and Angela Pitter's session on best practices with LinkedIn, I now add a note with my Connect invitations to improve the chances of the invitation being accepted. I do that by clicking the person's name from the My Network screen rather than clicking the "quick" Connect button. When I'm in the person's profile, I click the Connect button and then select "Add a note" to make the invitation more personal. I usually write a note about how I know the person or the mutual connections or interests we have. #UMBSocial

KerryAThompson.com Blog: Take the time to add a note to your LinkedIn Connect invitation

This picture shows a person I sent an invitation to today. I'm trying to connect with her because we share some connections and interests, but she doesn't know me personally. She's a musician and small-business owner herself, so I chose her profile to show because I'm hoping she won't mind being seen by more people as a result of this post!

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