Selling products online with Weebly? Consider the Business Plan

I have not yet had a client who needs eCommerce capabilities – the ability to sell products online. Products offered for sale on websites can either be physical products that are shipped out to customers or online products like audio files, images, videos, documents, or event tickets. I want to understand more about eCommerce options for any future clients who may need an online store, so I'm starting to do some research about the different options for Squarespace and Weebly and the costs of payment options like PayPal. Cost is an important factor for small businesses, so understanding how much it actually costs to sell products online is part of that research. Blog: Selling products online with Weebly? Consider the Business Plan

I came across an article today in which the author reviews Weebly's different plans and their costs. The advice is that if you're using Weebly and only have a few products, the 3% transaction fee (on top of the 2.9% transaction fee for PayPal, should you use that as a payment option) may be acceptable. But if you're planning to use your Weebly website to sell products online as a main revenue stream, the Weebly Business Plan is the best bet for you. Here's the article: "A Weebly Review: Super Easy to Use, But Only One Viable Commerce Plan."

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