Photoshopping for treasure

Photoshop continues to astonish me by the number of hidden treasures it has for creating and styling beautiful images. Never has there been a better time for a non-artist like me to have access to this type of tool for enhancing website images.

Today, I wanted to figure out if I could create a parchment-looking background to frame an image of an ancient scroll. This great article showed me what to do – I was in the clouds, in the paint, and texturizing like crazy, you should have seen me! Blog: Photoshopping for treasure

There's lots more to try out whenever I can carve out some time for learning. I still haven't run through a true Photoshop tutorial yet because the basic features are usually as much as I need, but I'm going to pull out my treasure map and start digging for more hidden gems in those menus soon.