What's the personality of your healing business?

KerryAThompson.com Blog: What's the personality of your healing business?

I came across an article today about developing a "brand" for your healing business that echoes much of what I think about as I'm helping small businesses plan the design of a new website. Your business "brand" is who you are and what you have to offer as a healer. The colors, images, and text you add reflect what you have to share with clients as you help them on a healing journey.

In a questionnaire I give to new clients, one of the questions I ask is about the words they want clients to associate with their business. The word choices I give are:
Professional • Reliable • Creative • Trustworthy • Economical • Qualified • No-nonsense • Dependable • Experienced • Friendly • Relaxed • Knowledgable • Fast • Thorough • Down-to-earth • Discreet • Careful • Specialist • Innovative • Authoritative • Flexible • Healing • Complete • Restful •  Educational • Mystical • Artistic • Spiritual • Restorative • Fun • Busy • Rustic • Vibrant • Active • Environmental • Scenic • Social • Organic • Natural • Thoughtful • Collaborative • Musical • Luxurious • Urban • Minimalist • Safe • Transformative • Indulgent • Pragmatic • Inspirational •  Other words not on the list

Those clients who have a healing business often choose words like "Healing" and "Restful." Can you see how those words evoke visions of a different kind of business than one that is "Professional," "Dependable," and "Pragmatic"?

The article I read, Create your business identity, is geared toward Reiki healing businesses, but the ideas can be extended to any kind of healing business. The article goes into more detail about how to choose a business name and website domain and define the mission for your business. The website for your business should reiterate the mission, use a logo and colors that complement that mission, and have supporting information for people who are seeking your services.

On my Portfolio page, you can find some examples of the healing organizations I've helped with website design. They each have their own distinctive personality.

If you understand the personality and mission of your business before you create a website, the choices you need to make as the website is built become easier. You can keep returning to your original ideas as you choose images and write content to be sure you are conveying the message you intended.

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