file management

A picture is worth a thousand words and helps with searches too

I learned recently that images play a role in improving your website's search rankings. It isn't an image by itself, but the words associated with an image, that can make a difference. There are three places where words are connected with an image:

  • The file name
  • Alt text (alternate text) that appears when the image can't be viewed
  • An optional caption that goes with the image

Using file names and image properties in Squarespace or Weebly to include possible search words is a good practice for improving the search rankings of your website.

Why compressing files to save space is like stuffing pillows into a suitcase

When you have limited disk storage (such as the free 15 GB of storage you get with a Google account), it's important to know how to store files in a way that takes up the least amount of space. When someone asked me the other day about what it means to create .zip files to save storage space, it occurred to me that the process of compressing files into a .zip file is like storing pillows in a suitcase.