Quit telling me to "submit"

 Name your Submit button something else

Name your Submit button something else

If you're going to create a Contact form on your website, do me a favor, will you? Change the default button text to anything other than "Submit."

It's a pet peeve of mine. Both Squarespace and Weebly use the word "Submit" as the default button text and I hate that word on a form I'm filling out. I might like to send you a message but I'm certainly not going to "submit" to anything.

All my clients' Contact, Scheduling, and Booking forms always use the word "Send." I never ask them if they'd prefer me to change the button text. I just go ahead and do it, sending out a little more friendliness with every form.

So, where do you change the Submit button text?

 In Squarespace, change the form's Submit button label.

In Squarespace, open the form to edit it, go to the Advanced options, and change the label. 

In Weebly, open the Form options window, go to the Button options, and change the text.

 In Weebly, change the form's Button text.

And if plain old "Send" is too boring for you, you can always get creative with your missive directive:
"Let's do this!"
"All set!"
"Can't wait to hear from you"
"Let it fly"
"Dispatch posthaste"

All I ask, please, is that you make the internet a happier place by not submitting to that dreary word I despise the next time you create a Contact form.