Adding a PayPal "Buy Now" button to your website is easier than you think

It is surprisingly easy to create PayPal button code that adds a Buy Now, Add to Cart, or Donate button to your website. Use the Button Tool with a PayPal business account to generate code that creates a custom button for your website. This blog posting shows you an example of a button for visitors who want to purchase an online gift certificate. This is a simple example; I encourage you to explore the button options in PayPal for your own inspiration.

Selling products online with Weebly? Consider the Business Plan

Cost is an important factor for small businesses, so understanding how much it actually costs to sell products online is part of the research I'm doing to help advise future clients. I came across an article today in which the author reviews Weebly's different plans and their costs. The author comes to the conclusion that if you're planning to use your Weebly website to sell products online as a main revenue stream, the Weebly Business Plan is the best bet for you.