The Copy button is my favorite Weebly feature

For websites that are updated frequently with new design elements that are similar to those already on the site, Weebly is a great choice because you can copy individual design elements from one page to help you design another page. I use the Copy button to copy text elements to a new page when I need a similar piece of text. You can also use the Copy button to copy any type of design element to a new page, including images, slideshows, galleries, social sharing icons, or custom HTML.

A good website has everything a local bakery has

People have been asking me recently what they need to put on a new website. What pages do they need? What information do they need to include? It occurred to me that a website is like an old-fashioned bakery, like those I've seen in the North End section of Boston or in small European villages.

Quit telling me to "submit"

It's a pet peeve of mine. Both Squarespace and Weebly use the word "Submit" as the default button text and I hate that word on a form I'm filling out. I might like to send you a message but I'm certainly not going to "submit" to anything. Do me, and the internet, a favor and change the default button text on your Contact forms to anything other than "Submit."

You need a website like you need a coat rack

A coat rack is a central location in your house where all the coats, hats, and scarves are kept. It's a meeting place for all of that outdoor apparel. A website is like a coat rack that organizes all the marketing apparel for your business: your About Me information, your Services descriptions, testimonials, photo galleries, product pages, blog posts, a contact form, and links to social media accounts. So what are you waiting for? Get that long-postponed website designed and launched. After all, your home (page) is where you hang your hat.

A picture is worth a thousand words and helps with searches too

I learned recently that images play a role in improving your website's search rankings. It isn't an image by itself, but the words associated with an image, that can make a difference. There are three places where words are connected with an image:

  • The file name
  • Alt text (alternate text) that appears when the image can't be viewed
  • An optional caption that goes with the image

Using file names and image properties in Squarespace or Weebly to include possible search words is a good practice for improving the search rankings of your website.

Encouraging Facebook Page Likes from your website

I wanted to learn how to put a "Like Our Page on Facebook" button on a website. It turns out there's a Button Configurator in Facebook that does most of the magic. You then put the code the Configurator generates into your website as code. Here are the steps I used for my KerryAThompson website on Squarespace. Instructions for sites on Weebly are included where they differ.

What's the personality of your healing business?

I came across an article today about developing a "brand" for your healing business that echoes much of what I think about as I'm helping small businesses plan the design of a new website. Your business "brand" is who you are and what you have to offer as a healer. The colors, images, and text you add reflect what you have to share with clients as you help them on a healing journey.

Your website design is an extension of you and your business

When a potential client approaches me about working together, the first thing I do is send out a questionnaire to get a sense of what the vision is for the website. The questionnaire includes practical questions about which features are needed, such as a blog, a calendar, a newsletter, and so on. But it also includes questions that elicit more thoughtful responses about what the personality of the business is and how the website will support that.

Is your website responsive when smartphones are calling?

With so many people looking for information on their smartphones, it's critical that your website employs a responsive design. A website that has a "responsive design" responds to the screen size of the device the reader has and narrows or widens pages so information fits the width of the device. Before you consider a website page ready to publish, check the page with the Mobile preview feature so you can see the page as a cell phone user will see it. 

Selling products online with Weebly? Consider the Business Plan

Cost is an important factor for small businesses, so understanding how much it actually costs to sell products online is part of the research I'm doing to help advise future clients. I came across an article today in which the author reviews Weebly's different plans and their costs. The author comes to the conclusion that if you're planning to use your Weebly website to sell products online as a main revenue stream, the Weebly Business Plan is the best bet for you.

People won't find your free starter website on Weebly as easily as a purchased one

I'm now going to ask clients if being found through searches (like Google searches) is important. If it is, I'm going to recommend that they avoid the free website plan (mysite.weebly.com) and purchase a domain and a paid plan instead (mysite.com). According to Weebly's own guide and confirmed by other research I've read, a website built on someone else's domain (in this case, Weebly's) is not going to do as well in searches.

Start with plain text for easier website updates

If you add text to your website by copying text from other sources, such as email, word-processing documents, online articles, and social media, it's important to convert the text to plain text before pasting it into your website.  Squarespace provides a convenient way to convert copied text to plain text directly from the website editor. With Weebly or other website editors, use a plain text editor as an intermediary.

Your website will never be perfect, but that's perfectly okay

Your website design will never be complete or perfect. But that's okay because your business is always changing too. Easy-to-use website design builders like Squarespace and Weebly help you make changes quickly and affordably, so don't be afraid to try new things and see how they work out.

What about you? Writing an About page that does the job

One of the first pages you create for your website is the About page. It helps customers put a face and a story to the person behind the website. You don't need to be intimidated by the prospect of what to write. Think of it as a reply to "What do you do?" when someone asks you that question at a party.