Kerry A. Thompson


Service Agreement

As we enter into a working relationship, this service agreement is written in driving terms. You are the driver; Kerry A. Thompson is your driving teacher. 

As the driver, you own the vehicle. In website terms, that means you are the owner of the account for the website builder platform and keep up with payments and agree to the platform's terms of service. You also pay for the domain name and keep it registered. The text content on your site is original or licensed for you to use commercially, as are the images and artwork. If you connect your website to other products, such as social media platforms, mail marketing services, payment processors, scheduling or reservation applications, email, and so on, you are responsible for adhering to those products' terms of service and any payment responsibilities.

As the driver, you are responsible for maintenance of the vehicle. In website terms, that means you are responsible for keeping backup copies of files used on your website should you need to restore anything and making regular archive backups of your website through the tools on the website builder platform. If you create a Google account for using the Google webmaster tools for search optimization, you adhere to Google's terms of service.

As the driving teacher, Kerry A. Thompson will help you outfit your vehicle. In website terms, that means Kerry will perform research, offer advice, and do design work to the best of her ability to create or update your website. She will also set up pages and add images free to use for commercial purposes, connect the domain if it is registered to a third party, and connect social media accounts and third-party products that offer connections from the website builder platform. She will implement basic search engine optimization for pages, but cannot guarantee any specific results for search engines. She will give you any images used in creating the website for you to keep. She will keep backup copies of text and images while a page is under development, but responsibility will move to the website owner for backing up data after the page is published.

As the driving teacher, Kerry A. Thompson will help you learn about your vehicle if desired. In website terms, that means Kerry will teach you techniques for managing your own website, such as understanding how website elements are assembled, how to change or create pages on your website, how to create blog postings, how to back up the website, how to register your website with Google, and how to continue implementing best practices for optimizing your website for search engines.

Payment terms
Invoices will be issued at regular intervals during a project with payment terms of 30 days. Regular intervals are usually connected with project milestones, such as Home page approval, About and Contact page approval, and first website launch. If a milestone hasn't been reached and Kerry has worked 10 hours or more on a project or the work has spanned a month without reaching a milestone, an invoice will be issued. Work is invoiced by hour at the rate of $30/hour (U.S.); "work" includes phone calls, meetings, and correspondence; research and troubleshooting time; proposals; tutorials and training; image creation, editing, and management; and website designs, updates, and administrative work.

Finishing our work together
When we finish working together (at either party's discretion), any completed work will be invoiced at that time.

Ready to ride? 

Clicking "Let's Go" represents your understanding and acceptance of this Service Agreement with Kerry A. Thompson. You'll be prompted for today's date, your name, and your email address.