Testimonials from happy clients

Learn what it's like to work with me in the words of my small-business and nonprofit clients. You might also like to browse through my portfolio, where you can find out more about how each client's website was built and the kinds of features it includes.

Odessa Bates, DoulaOdessa.com
Kerry has been a pleasure to work with and my new business website is beautiful, creative, and professional. Kerry came as a recommendation as I was looking for someone that was personable and patient with my lack of social media skills. As a birth and postpartum doula, it’s my mission to empower others and she did just that. My old website went through a rebirth, I feel empowered, and the compliments on my website are plentiful!

Aravinda Ananda, LivingrEvolution.net
I am so grateful to Kerry for making designing and launching a website so easy! Kerry was able to get answers for whatever I needed and took the website development process through each step of the way. The biggest holdup in the process was my slowness with getting content ready, and even with that I appreciate Kerry’s patience and flexibility. Kerry is so easy to work with, does really great work, and I highly recommend her services.

Elise Brenner, BrennerReikiHealing.org
Are you looking for ease instead of struggle when creating, developing, or migrating your website? If your answer is a resounding "yes,” there is no choice but to work with Kerry A. Thompson. Kerry guided me skillfully, and with humor and fun, through all levels of the process, from wording to format to photos. Then Kerry undertook all of the background work linking my site with social media, payment through the website, email marketing, security, and more. Kerry makes it all look and feel easy and provides all the support and hand-holding one may need.

Susan Rivera, NewLotusHealing.com
I hired Kerry to build the website for my Reiki business, and I am so pleased with the results. She built a professional and beautiful website, and she takes the guess-work out of what can be an overwhelming project. Kerry is very knowledgeable, creative, and patient, and she takes the time to explain the process every step of the way. If you need someone to build a website, look no further than Kerry.

Kathy Fritts, HowtoTeachOverseas.com
It was a lucky day for me when I happened upon Kerry’s website design page. I had been stumbling around for what seemed like forever without making any appreciable progress. She bailed me out and got my website underway, which I never could have done on my own. First of all, she is a true professional: responsive, knowledgeable, and skilled. Kerry is persistent and not satisfied until the job is done right. Several times she worked with Squarespace and MailChimp tech support to untangle messes. Secondly, she is endlessly patient, reassuring, and easy to work with. Even though I had a lot of dumb questions, she never made me feel incompetent. I felt like she genuinely cared about my project. At the end she made little movies so I could always remember how to perform certain actions. (Thanks!)

Her rates were amazingly reasonable for this level of work. Again, finding Kerry was a lucky day for me and I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Royce Schneider, OakwoodOasis.com
I have enjoyed working with Kerry or, rather, watching her do the work for me! I gave her the info for the website I wanted and she very efficiently transformed my ideas, pictures, and content into a professional-looking and functioning website! I highly recommend her!

Deborah Strafuss, Executive Director, CelebrationofReiki.org
Dear Kerry, Your help and guidance on website matters this year has been invaluable and deeply appreciated. I love the graphics you have been creating and how intuitively you pick up on what we are asking, with just the right tone and look for us each time. Many thanks. I look forward to working with you in the New Year.

Robert Perron, RobertPerron.com
I highly recommend Kerry for website design. She lets you do as little or as much as you want, and works at a very reasonable rate. For my website at https://robertperron.com, I gave Kerry text and vague ideas, and pretty much sat back. I couldn't be more pleased with the result. Even if you're somewhat savvy, don't kill yourself for mediocre results. Hire Kerry.

Michèle J. Kenna, MicheleJKenna.com
Kerry Thompson is a perfect person to help artists create a visually pleasing and inviting website. As an artist it is very important to have a designer who is sensitive to the quality and placement of images as well as compelling copy. She not only follows through in a very timely manner with my instructions but she also takes the initiative to suggest ideas to improve upon mine. All my emails, with a multitude of questions, are answered patiently and immediately. I can rely on Kerry to complete a project and keep me well-informed along the way — which is great for peace of mind for an artist.

Miriam Hatoum, Granny Keto
Kerry has been instrumental in helping me start, develop and grow my website. My praise goes beyond the “mechanics” of website design and development (I have friends in the same business who have used different designers and so I know this for a fact). Kerry proofs all my work (for sure this is not in a designer’s job description) and in addition (in terms of above and beyond) always finds the absolutely perfect caption for a photo or a heading or will rephrase something that flows much more beautifully than what I have written. She even finds necessary photos when I am at a loss. I have many forms on my site (mail lists, a dozen different coaching programs, etc.) and she has written all of them!

Kerry has gone above and beyond in finding all the ins and outs of the various platforms themselves, often calling the source (Squarespace, MailChimp, etc.) and if she doesn’t get the answers, she will go on message boards and hunt down what she needs to know. I am a beginner and need a lot of hand-holding and she is as willing to do this as she is to do everything she can to put ME in the driver’s seat. She has even done a house call, sitting right next to me while I took notes while I watched her perform various functions. Put yourself and your website in Kerry’s hands and you will never regret your choice!

Anna O'Neal, Jenna and Friends Animal Sanctuary
I recently had the pleasure of working with Kerry to migrate and upgrade the website for my small nonprofit animal sanctuary. Kerry's technical skills and know-how for building online spaces is amazing. She knows SEO optimization, analytics, domains, back-end processes for receiving and tracking donations, and all the details of the site that make it fully functional for my small business. I can't say enough about Kerry's attention to detail, caring personality, and strong communication skills. She crossed all the Ts and dotted all the Is. I didn't have to keep up with anything or worry about a single detail. I recommend Kerry to anyone who wants to create or enhance their website experience!

Cathy Marie Michael, Women's Empowerment Coach
Kerry is a responsive, responsible and skilled web designer. She is an extraordinary listener and then efficiently and creatively designs a website that captures who you are and what you have to offer. Kerry designed two of my friend's sites. I was very impressed with her immediate response time and ability to find the right words for a trade that she previously knew little about.

Andrea Riggillo, The Fairies Chamber
I was referred to Kerry through a mutual acquaintance to design my new website, The Fairies Chamber. Kerry exceeded all my expectations. I liked that she gave me different options and ideas and she was open to incorporating my own ideas. 

Kerry is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. She works in a timely fashion and maintained an open line of communication. I like that after each phone call, she followed up with an email of everything we discussed. I highly recommend her! 

Jeanne Vural, Jeanne Vural Massage
Kerry Thompson is professional, organized, and thorough. From the moment I contacted her to help build my website for my small business (jeannevuralmassage.com) to the end of my project when she promptly designed my business cards, Kerry wasted no time. I had a very tight deadline and she was able to take my site live with business cards in hand in under two weeks.  

Kerry listened, asked questions, gave design input, and used her creative experience to efficiently create the look and feel I desired for my website. Her communication and responsiveness are unmatched in my experience. Kerry rates a 5plus out of 5 stars in my mind.

Catherine Pfau, Catherine Pfau Photography
Kerry was wonderful to work with. She created a Squarespace website for me, kept the project on track and it was completed ahead of schedule. She was so knowledgeable about the technical aspects and was also able to explain things to me so I understood them. I highly recommend her!

Eric Knol, Orange Photo Booth
I started a new business venture where having a website was a necessity. Having no expertise in this, I found Kerry’s name following a thread of an old employer. During Kerry’s free FaceTime consultation (which I really liked, very personal), I explained what I was after and she came up with ideas and a layout design. During the design process, I changed my mind several times and Kerry guided me patiently through these changes. Located in Canada, it shows that distance plays no role with website design and support. My website was online in no time, in budget, and I love the result. The feedback on our website is great and is good for business. In the future, more pages will be added by her. Highly recommended!

Ellen Peterson, Nourishing Life Qigong
I worked with Kerry on launching my website nourishinglifeqigong.com. From our first contact, Kerry was responsive, professional and organized. She recommended design platforms that would be easy for me to manage going forward, as well as methods for finding images for commercial use on the website. She was incredibly creative in formatting the website and managing the abundance of information I wanted to provide on it in an easy, accessible way. Kerry's writing skills were able to sort through a lot of information and distill it in a way that made the pertinent information stand out. Throughout, Kerry was easy to work with, prompt, and respectful of the time that she put into the project, keeping me informed with detailed descriptions of time spent and for what purpose. I would highly recommend Kerry. Her skills, professionalism and upbeat attitude are a winning combination.

Lauren Piraino, Human Rights Festival and We Unite Organizations, Inc. 
Kerry is the consummate professional. The website that Kerry designed for my non-profit, We Unite Organizations, Inc., was a complex project because it involved conceptualizing a multitude of formative ideas and issues. Kerry was able to diffuse those many issues and categorize them in order to deliver our message, loud and clear. She is decisive, knowledgeable, extremely expedient and creative. She is also very patient and kind. In large part, the project that we developed could not have happened without Kerry's expertise. Thank you, Kerry, for helping us make a difference and for helping get our Human Rights Festival off the ground. Check out her work at humanrightsfest.com.

Elise Brenner, Founder, Celebration of Reiki, Inc
What is it like to work with Kerry A. Thompson? It is full of ease, that's what it's like. Kerry anticipates the needs of her clients; does independent research on behalf of her clients; and provides prompt, reliable, and visually-appealing images, spatial arrangements, and text. Kerry has the knowledge and skills, as well as the kindness, thoughtfulness, and patience I need and rely on as her client.

Amy E. Smith, The Social Media Smith
Kerry is that rare combination of creative and technical skills — just the person to create the website for my new consulting business. Her sites are crafted with care and focus on what the business wants to accomplish. She has a particular talent for connecting ideas and themes with customer business goals, especially in design and graphics (logos, for example). She is also a great problem solver, and digs in readily to figure out gnarly technical issues. Lastly, Kerry is very easy to work with. She was open to all of my input and ideas, and always had several options for me to noodle on. I am extremely pleased with my new web site, and I highly recommend her work.

Christian Christiansen, Pixel Security Research
Kerry did a brilliant job of designing and populating my web site, PixelSecurityResearch.com. At every step of the way, she made sure that each detail was correct even when I didn't know how to express my needs. She often helped me avoid costly mistakes and was very patient with my ignorance. Moreover, she diplomatically dissuaded me from very costly features that would not yield solid returns. Speaking of costs, she explained and documented how I could maintain my own web site. Despite that kindness, I will continue to partner with Kerry A. Thompson Designs because of her superb writing, copy editing, web layout, and design skills. 

Judy Bousquin, Healing & Renewal Wellness
Kerry is the person for you if you want your website to shine. She serves her clients by balancing multiple roles as cheerleader, guide, and midwife, gently nurturing you through the process of creating the character of your business online. A thorough editor and designer who is passionate about her work, collaborating with Kerry was a delight. Her knowledge, intelligence, and diligence are a winning recipe in creating a successful web design that shines online.