About me


I love to help small-business owners, nonprofits, community groups, and individuals share the joy of what they do with new and potential customers and visitors. A website built with Squarespace or Weebly looks professional and modern and can be maintained affordably and independently. Ask me for the help you need with your website, including page designs, search optimization, custom images, descriptive text, editing and proofreading, configuration, and connections to other online products. 

I take the time to learn about you

I take a personal, focused interest in learning about and understanding your business, your customers, and the type of online presence you want to create. My clients feel nurtured and cushioned from the stress of navigating the technology to achieve the results they want. Here are some examples of how they feel about working with me:


"Kerry is that rare combination of creative and technical skills — just the person to create the website for my new consulting business."

"Kerry is the person for you if you want your website to shine. She serves her clients by balancing multiple roles as cheerleader, guide, and midwife, gently nurturing you through the process of creating the character of your business online."

"Kerry has the knowledge and skills, as well as the kindness, thoughtfulness, and patience I need and rely on as her client."


High-tech and publishing careers brought me here 

Before starting my business, I worked in the high-tech field for over 24 years as a technical writer at a Fortune 500 company. I learned about website development in my tenure there, while writing instructions about how to use the company's web design products. During that time, I also did volunteer work designing printed and online materials that called for graphic design and writing skills. In my early-career days in Boston, I worked in advertising and book publishing. That was where I first learned how fun it is to put text and pictures together in inspiring ways, while still remembering to pay attention to the details that ensure a professional result.