The Copy button is my favorite Weebly feature

I specialize in creating websites on Weebly and Squarespace because they are two of the easiest do-it-yourself website platforms and offer many beautiful designs that look great automatically on computers and smartphones. There are a few differences in the two platforms, but for the most part, they offer similar features and choices. Blog: Weebly's Copy button lets you copy any design element to speed up design time

For websites that are updated frequently with new design elements that are similar to those already on the site, Weebly is a great choice because you can copy individual design elements from one page to help you design another page. My client, Celebration of Reiki, hosts several events a year. Each of the event description pages uses similar types of information, with details such as the program schedule and speakers changing for each event. I use the Copy button to copy text elements to a new page when I need a similar piece of text. Weebly places the text element at the top of the new page. All I need to do is move it to its correct place and update the text as needed.

You can use the Copy button to copy any type of design element to a new page, including images, slideshows, galleries, social sharing icons, or custom HTML. I've used it to copy repeated images to all pages, to add social sharing icons to multiple pages, and to copy Buy Now buttons to additional product pages when they use the same HTML code.

If you are trying to decide which website builder platform to choose and you know your website will need frequent updates for events, products, or news updates, consider choosing Weebly to take advantage of its handy Copy button shortcut.

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