Important Squarespace features for small businesses are dropped from Personal plan Blog - Squarespace Personal plan drops custom code and third-party integration

I'm still mulling over the implications for potential clients with the news I learned from Squarespace today. On December 1, 2017, Squarespace changed which features are included in its lowest-cost Personal plan. Many simple customization and third-party integration features are now classified as Premium features, only available with the Business and Commerce plans.

Up until now, my small-business clients on Squarespace have been able to use the Personal plan for their sites. These were not complicated websites with a lot of moving parts or online stores, but they were able to take advantage of features like connecting their MailChimp accounts, adding some custom styles to footers, adding PayPal buttons, and adding custom code to change the look of a slideshow.

The Squarespace Personal plan, when purchased annually, is $144. The Business plan is $216 a year. When I compare that to Weebly's lowest-price Starter plan for $96 a year, the difference in price to have a lightly customized website seems a bit more painful to small businesses on tight budgets.

I'll have to take this into consideration as I talk with new clients about their options. I have preferred Squarespace for its ease-of-use, its beautiful templates, and its Cancel button (as I mentioned in a previous post), but I may be weighing the cost of those advantages against the cost of purchasing a Squarespace Business plan from now on.

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