You need a website like you need a coat rack

A coat rack is a central location in your house where all the coats, hats, and scarves are kept. It's a meeting place for all of that outdoor apparel. And although it holds a lot of different kinds of clothing, if you need to go outside on a cold day, that's where you'll find what you need.

Your website is like this Pottery Barn coat rack. (

Your website is like this Pottery Barn coat rack. (

A website is like a coat rack that organizes all the marketing apparel for your business: your About Me information, your Services descriptions, testimonials, photo galleries, product pages, blog posts, a contact form, and links to social media accounts.

The purpose of a website is to establish your professional presence and garner enough trust and interest to bring in paying customers. A website should provide potential customers with enough information to take the next step toward becoming a paying customer. You want them to visit your website and then call you for an appointment, make a reservation, buy a product, sign up for your mailing list, or ask you questions before they make a purchase.

"But," you say, "I have a Facebook page and I post there all the time. Isn't that good enough?" In my opinion, a website is the magnet that all your social media efforts should lead people to. Expecting a business Facebook page, your clever tweets, and a LinkedIn profile to do the same thing as a website is like leaving a hat on the sofa, a coat crumpled on the closet floor, and a scarf on the refrigerator door handle. Apparel scattered in multiple places assumes people will take the time to go hunting in the places where you've scattered all the pieces until they have the whole outfit. 

A website organizes all of the information that someone needs in one place. Your website tells a potential customer what you do and what you have to offer. If what the person is looking for matches what you have to offer, you'll have a new customer. Although much of a website's information stays the same over time, updates in the form of blog posts, promotions, and news ensure that it is interesting to existing customers too, so they will hire you again or recommend you to others. Blog: A home (page) is where you hang your hat

So what are you waiting for? Get that long-postponed website designed and launched. After all, your home (page) is where you hang your hat.

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