Creativity and focus need time and space

I read an article today about a writer who resorted to renting a cabin in the woods for two days without internet service or a cell phone to reach his goal of writing 40,000 words for his upcoming book. In his regular life, he couldn't find the luxury of unscheduled creative time to achieve his goal. In his secluded cabin, away from the interruptions and distractions of everyday life, he was able to reach deep to produce the writing he set out to do. Blog: Creativity and focus needs time and space

Although I don't have a book I want to write, there are creative projects and some focused learning that I would like to do that seem to keep being put on the back burner. There always seems to be "one quick email" or "a small project" that gets in the way of finding time for larger projects that require more patience and focus.

I also have a tendency to keep working late into the night on research, social media, or emails as a way to keep up. The quote in the image above about demarcating the end of the work day as a way to prepare for the next day was included in the article as well. That gave me some new ideas for how I might approach and acknowledge the end of the work day for myself. 

I won't be renting a cabin in the woods anytime soon, but I think I'll take some inspiration from this article to think about unplugging at regular intervals to give myself some quiet time to allow creativity and new ideas room to grow.

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