You're the boss, so be the boss of your time too

If you have started your own business recently, I encourage you to read this article for tips about how to understand where your time goes, so you can become more deliberate about the choices you make: "My Biggest Mistake as a Solopreneur – And What I Learned From It."

Being deliberate about your online activities will help you take charge of your time (

Being deliberate about your online activities will help you take charge of your time (

After I found this helpful advice a couple of months ago, I started keeping a log of how I was spending my time on marketing and learning activities related to my website design business and also how much time I was spending on personal social media and a personal website and blog I maintain. It was very revealing to discover that I was spending 10 to 15 hours on social media activities related to my business and another 10 to 15 hours on personal online activities. Now I am much more deliberate about how I spend my time online.

I've narrowed down my business-related social media focus to Facebook and LinkedIn and I aim for weekly blogging. I still create inspiring images for entrepreneurs on Pinterest and Instagram because I enjoy that activity, but as I don't have a large following that would help new clients find me, I think of that activity as something I do when I have time for "fun." The same applies to my personal social media, website, and blogging activities. I now spend about 10 hours a week on business-related online activities and no more than 10 hours on fun activities. That leaves me with more time for client work, learning new skills, and exploring other ways to help clients find me.

I came across another article today, which echoes what I learned from the first article: "Want to Improve Efficiency? Stop Doing Low-Value Work." 

The advice in these articles helped me feel more confident and focused about how I spend my time and I hope it will help you too.

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